My Baking Adventure!

If you didn’t know already, I love baking, tennis and skiing. For this blog post, I will be talking about baking. This September, 2022 I baked some cupcakes for my class.

This inspired my whole class to start baking. I started baking more and so did the rest of my classmates. Sweet treats after sweet treats until I finally ended up with my ganache covered, fake blood stained, vanilla cake.

I love baking because of all the exciting fun you can have. Baking for me is like making the most fun DIY kit in the world that’s also edible. I also love baking because baking makes other people want to bake. Right when I started baking for my class I started a chain reaction of everyone wanting to bake. I love baking!

Wisdom Tale Rap

Terrick and I partnered up for our Wisdom Tale project. The wisdom tale we choose was « A Monk with Heavy Thoughts «  and we presented it in a rap. Rap lyrics:

beat x2  Two zen monks walked on a muddy road [beat] but when the elder monk saw a woman! Scooped her up and walked over, puddle! [beat]  hours and hours and hours and hours lateeer![beat]  the younger monk said (PAUSE)  We dont touch dem woman [beat] the elder monk says    why then hours and hours and hours and hours later! [beat] why are u still carryin her. (Say ohhhhhhhh)

Bold is Terrick

Not bold is William



Camp Hanes!

The Durham Academy 6th grade had an extraordinary time at Camp Hanes. I stepped on that charter bus thinking this was going to be one of those camps where literally everything was broken. I walked down the aisle and sat next to one of my friends, trying to get as close to the TV as I could. Finally, we drove off, with me trusting myself that this was gonna be a rough day.

I stepped out of the bus and smelled the nice fresh air. The camp was beautiful, with a huge lake, nice lawns, and tall trees. I was amazed but still, in the back of my mind, I was thinking to myself that the food is going to be gross and the cabins will stink. The whole 6th grade has a meeting and then we head to our cabins to get ready for the activities. The cabins are amazing! I unpack my things and get ready to go to one of the best summer camps of my life.

We first headed out to rock climbing which I expected to be a 10 foot wall. I was proven wrong again after I saw the awesome 30 foot wall of what is the funnest hour and 15 minutes of camp. The day just got better! We did archery and canoeing which were both super fun because of the people we were working with, and just the super amazing activities in general. The rest of the day was awesome and we had a bonfire at the end  of the day to top the day off with a cherry. Camp Hanes is the best!

Thank you so much Camp Hanes! I would recommend going there again. Your counselors  were so nice and so awesome which made me feel excited the whole time. You guys made this one of the best camping experiences ever!

My Backpack

Over this summer I read Finding Someplace by Denise Lewis Patrick. Finding Someplace was about a girl named Reesie Boone. This book took place in New Orleans, 2005, when Hurricane Katrina struck. Reesie was all alone and had little time to pack what she would bring out of Hurricane Katrina. She brought important papers, a picture frame from her neighbor, and other necessary things. Then she grabbed her backpack, and ran to her neighbor, Mrs Martine’s house where she started feeling the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

That’s when I decided to draw a backpack about what I would do if I was stuck in Reesie Boone’s position. In that situation I would bring my phone and my parents’ phones so I could call anyone I needed to and I would bring a crank flashlight so I could see when it gets dark. I would also bring my wallet and my parents wallet so I could purchase anything I needed to and some of the safes in my house. In addition, I would bring some food so I would not get hungry, a couple water filters so I don’t get thirsty, and a solar charger to charge the phones. Finally, I would bring a blanket to keep warm, some clothes so I would be comfortable and clean, and some of my parents really expensive things like golden watches, diamond rings, and some other things. These are the items I would bring if I was in Reesie Boone’s position.

Cold is cool, Tennis is life

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